“We must awaken to the ways that race and racism have shaped our own brains, our ways of being in the world, and our hopes for the work we might do together.”

Rhonda Magee


During the school year, we offer a weekly newsletter with resources for your continued racial literacy.  These are resources that we, as facilitators, also use.  We invite you to join us in on-going learning and growth. 

The newsletters offer
. . . what we're reading for ourselves and what we're reading to young people in our lives.
. . . what trainings we're attending to increase our own racial literacy.
. . . what podcasts we're listening to and what webinars we're watching.


Welcome to Rise for Racial Justice: The Podcast!
Hear from thought leaders in the antiracism and education realm as we engage in thoughtful discussions and resource sharing for liberation, transformation, consciousness-raising, and antiracist action. 

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The Rise for Racial Justice team explains complex terms in short and easily digestible videos that will increase your awareness and understanding.

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Debate vs. Dialogue

Debate vs. Dialogue

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