Learning about race is a life-long journey.


Talking about race, racism and anti-racism is hard. In our classes, we provide a structured and facilitated space for you to learn about race, racism, and anti-racism.  All of our courses are currently offered via zoom.

We offer clear language and definitions so that we can have dialogues about an often triggering topic.

We provide self-reflection and analytical tools to understand how racism operates in us and in the world.

We build trusting relationships that can sustain difficult conversations about race.

We create communities of learners able to support each other on our racial justice journeys.



This popular 6-week course is for educators and parenting adults interested in learning about how to talk about race and racism.  While we focus on schools primarily, this course is relevant for individuals and organizations looking for anti-racism training. This course focuses on raising awareness about race and racism and provides concrete tools to support and empower you to engage in dialogues about race.  We will offer two sessions of "How to Talk About Race" this summer.



This course is for those who have completed the How to Talk About Race course.  In this intermediate level course, we delve into race theory covering topics such as racial identity development, intersectionality, and racial capitalism.  This course is less focused on pedagogy and tool building and more on building your race theory knowledge.  There are two sessions being offered this Summer 2022!
The Community of Reflective Practice course is a support community for those who have completed the How to Talk About Race course and want a space to meet regularly to talk about their anti-racism efforts.  This is a space for those who want support as they try to implement changes in their schools.  This course will meet during the Summer on June 10, June 24, July 15 and July 29, 12:30-2:30pm, PT.
This course is for those who have completed the How to Talk About Race course.  This intermediate course is for K12 teachers interested in using an Intergroup Dialogue model in their classrooms. Educational research shows that the use of Intergroup Dialogue pedagogy in classrooms has a positive impact on students’ academic and socio-emotional learning. Moreover, research indicates a correlation between Intergroup Dialogue practices and reduced stereotypes, prejudices and biases. This course will next be offered July 20-August 10 on Wednesdays, 4-6pm, PT.  Registration open now!



This is an advanced course for those who have taken How to Talk About Race and at least one intermediate course (or those who have a lot of experience facilitating dialogues about race and want to learn more). In this course, we prepare, support and empower you to teach others about race, racism and anti-racism. We provide tools, strategies, language, resources, practice and confidence for facilitators and educators to talk and teach about race, racism and anti-racism.  This summer, the course will meet on Fridays, 9:30-12pm, PT on: June 10, June 24, July 15 and July 29.  Registration open now!


"Learning about racism and how it relates to us, to me, in both personal and systemic ways was life-changing."