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2021-2022 NEWSLETTERS 

Anti-racism classes and resources for educators

We're so excited about RISE Fall 2022 classes as well as a number of new resources for teachers launching this fall (see below!). Our popular introductory course, How to Talk About Race, starts two weeks from today on Wednesday, September 28th (email for information about scholarships!).

Fall Anti-Racism Classes and New Book!

This year, we look forward to offering our signature course, "How to talk about Race", with a team of talented facilitators: Heidi, Nama and Sarah Moss! We'll also offer two intermediate courses. One course is a think space with Eva and Colette for those looking to get (and offer) consulting on their anti-racism efforts. The other is our "Race Theory" course with Amy, Paul and Sade for those looking to take a deeper dive into critical race theory. It should be a full semester!

Emmett Till's Birthday and Summer Resources

In a racially just world, on Monday, July 25 of this year, Emmett Till would be celebrating his 81st birthday, surrounded by children, grandchildren and perhaps, great-grandchildren. Instead, we know him, forever, as a smiling, chubby-cheeked 14-year-old boy, or much worse, the battered corpse that his mother, Mamie Till, allowed to be put on display to show the world the reality of white supremacists' capacity for violence.


Tomorrow is June and we are celebrating Juneteeth!

Truth-Telling and May Awareness Months

In our last weekly newsletter before we transition to monthly summer issues, we want to remind you of the importance of our racial literacy mission. This past weekend, we witnessed another racially motivated mass shootings that left 10 Black people dead and 3 others injured in Buffalo, NY.

Summer Reading

The semester is almost over and we're starting our summer reading lists!

Learn more about our first book by listening to our podcast with Dr. Maria Hatzopoulos and Dr. Monisha Bajaj, authors of Educating for Peace and Human Rights and longtime colleagues. They share what led them into teaching peace education and human rights education and the differences and intersections between the disciplines. You’ll also hear about their empowering work with secondary and college students. And of course, they tell what is lighting them up and soothing their souls!

Summer Courses 2022

May is here and learning opportunities abound!

Our summer courses are now open at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. If How to Talk About Race (HTAR) has broadened your racial literacy, please pass on information about the course to people who can also benefit. If you've already taken HTAR, please consider how you can deepen your knowledge with our intermediate courses, Race Theory and Intergroup Dialogue Training for Teachers. If you have already taken an intermediate course, this summer you can learn How to Facilitate Racially Just Spaces in our advanced class. Finally, if you want support about implementing antiracist strategies or would like to share and hear ideas, join us for the Community of Reflective Practice course...

Self-Care and Community Care

Many strategies for Stress Awareness Month focus on individual interventions but viewing self-care in community becomes the engine for larger change. You can try these strategies for self-care in community so that you aren't carrying your stress alone. Interestingly, some teachers have called out superficial self-care initiatives from schools and districts - “I feel like I’m drowning, and they throw you a rubber ducky." - and are asking for structural changes in the form of smaller class sizes, more prep time, better compensation, and more para- and professional support...

Mindfulness and Racial Justice

How do you stay centered and connected to yourself as you navigate the world of racial justice? Which mindfulness thinkers do you look to? What practices sustain you? Join us this Saturday, April 23 (10-11am PT/1-2pm ET) to share mindfulness practices and insights...

Managing Classroom Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month and as we head into the end of the school year, let's be mindful of how racial stress can affect the classroom experience for students, teachers, and parents. Here are some resources to help us understand and relieve stress...

April Lesson Plans

April is full of teachable moments! What you might you use in your classroom?

Intermediate Classes this May

If you are currently in How to Talk About Race or have already completed the course, think about what is next on your antiracism journey. Start planning for your fall classes by enrolling in one of two intermediate-level Rise courses that will deepen your understanding of race, racism and antiracist strategies, while supporting you as you turn plans into actions...

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